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Why Werto?
With werto you can do things you love


Based on you

With werto you always know what your friends are up to


have fun together

Werto is pure FUN


things to do 

To use Werto is - FREE!


now & always

Werto is available to PC/Mac and Mobile

Our Story 

Werto is a free social oriented service that gives the best answer to the question "Where can I have fun?", by using an advanced social algorithm that really gets you!

We all had a personal disappointment story when we planned on having some fun, but found ourselves thinking "What am I doing here? And where can I go now?"!" This is why Werto was born.

Werto is your personal tool that understands you


We use an advanced social algoritam that helps us understand you. By doing that, we can tell you where you will have fun!

Werto is super social


See what your friends are up to and join them or invite them to hangout together with our cool invite features.

With Werto you will always know what's happening

Know What's Happening

We always keep you up to date with the best things that are happening and going on. Parties, concerts and shows to workshops, sporting events and others.



Our service is totally free to use! You can use it anytime and there are no hidden costs whatsoever. 

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Fun Is A Click Away

Werto is a rocket of fun 

If you feel that everybody but you is having fun, you are probably right! just imagine being exposed to only things that really matter to you and interest you; with Werto's innovative technology it is now possible. Your next fun in a heartbeat. 


Examples Of Our Awesome Features 

Friends' Events

In a click of a button you can see where your friends are going to. 

Invite & Share

Inviting and being invited to cool happenings just became so easy!

Location Features

Feeling like walking? Don't own a car? just use our "Distance From Me" filter. 

With Werto you are never alone and there is always what to do. That's a promise.

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